Importance of Oxygen for people with Diabetes

by Scott Ridl

Once your body becomes resistant to insulin, or is unable to produce insulin, causing your blood sugar level to spike, you become susceptible to another set of medical issues. You might start to lose your eyesight, and you can start to develop sores on your feet. These sores are caused by tissue damage, and can even lead to the need for amputation.

You might already have diabetes that you’ve had since you were young. Type 1 diabetes often shows up when you’re very young, but it more rare than Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes will usually develop after the age of 40, and will usually progress, unless major life style changes are made. There’s a chance you can make sure it doesn’t progress as quickly if you start eating healthier.

The progression can be dangerous and lead to the need for insulin and other forms of medication to prevent complications, such as eyesight loss and sores. Along with a lifestyle change, monitored exercise and close watch from a physician, the additional use of oxygen therapy can help a great deal to prevent serious complications from diabetes.

For those who need oxygen therapy who also have diabetes, it might feel like you have a heavier load, especially if you were at a larger risk for developing sores, and if you have circulation problems. Using oxygen therapy will help over time, since additional oxygen will be distributed throughout the blood vessels of the body, and reach your extremities, where people with diabetes often have the most problems. Oxygen can help a great deal with this issue. As long as you have the battery power, having enough oxygen will take away a lot of the added hassle of needing to use oxygen therapy. Always follow your doctor’s advice when it comes to oxygen therapy.

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