Question: Is Eating Oxygen a medicine?
Answer: No Eating Oxygen not a medicine.

Question: In what form Eating Oxygen is available for sale?
Answer: Eating Oxygen is a capsule type.

Question: When should I take Eating Oxygen?
Answer: Eating Oxygen is a natural product to suit your lifestyle for a healthy life and can use any time in day or night.

Question: The material used to prepare Eating Oxygen is safe for human body?
Answer: Only natural elements are used in Eating Oxygen. No chemical or medicine is used in the material.

Question: How to use Eating Oxygen?
Answer: To maintain good health, take 1 to 3 capsule(s) daily with water or drink.

Question: Is there any component in Eating Oxygen that may cause food allergy?
Answer: All components detail is available on the packing. Please read before use.

Question: Will over-dosage of Eating Oxygen may cause any problem?
Answer: Since only natural elements are used in Eating Oxygen. over dosing is not harmful for human body and will nor cause any problem.

Question: After taking first dose of Eating Oxygen, I feel very energetic, will it cause any problem in doping test?
Answer: Since your Oxygen level is maintained after taking dose of Eating Oxygen, you feel energetic. However increased Oxygen level is safe for doping test. Further, Eating Oxygen is tested at National Doping Test Laboratory in Japan as safe product.

Question: Is Eating Oxygen helpful for cancer patient?
Answer: According to Prof. Keith Scott-Mumbg (MD, MB ChB, PhD) a well-known cancer specialist, Cancer cells have a non-oxygen metabolism. Sugar is their preferred choice of fuel, while Oxygen therapy is a safe and effective method to kill cancer cells without ravaging the patient’s immune system in the process. However according to law in Japan, only Doctors are allowed to say “cure for disease”. Online website are not allowed to answer this kind of question. Please consult a doctor.

Question: Where can I buy Eating Oxygen in Japan?
Answer: You can buy from the product page (Click here).

The Eating Oxygen has resulted from years of research, testing and dedication, which made this natural product to an exceptionally safe and high-standard for human health. To avoid risk of fake product, always buy Eating Oxygen from the stores/websites that are verified & recognized by EatingOxygen.com or by Japan Anti Fraud Organization. Also double check if it is really Japanese product at Made in Japan Organization

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