Oxygen for Life

Our body has 60 trillion cells, The fuel of cells is Oxygen. All cells in our body require oxygen. If oxygen is sufficiently supplied, health improvement can be expected by arranging each function. ” Eating Oxygen ” can activate each of body cells that effects in many ways, such as health, beauty, and diet.

Free radical has a very strong oxidizing power. Its oxidizing power damages the cell and oxidizes the body, that result aging. In addition, it is important to remove free radical from the body in order to prevent oxidation and aging, as it will cause arteriosclerosis by brittle blood vessels, cancer injuring a cell by cancerous, and other various lifestyle diseases It is getting. Eating oxygen acts to remove only bad free radical.

For the human body, the oxygen concentration in the air is supposed to be 30%. However, we live in a chronic oxygen shortage with an oxygen concentration of 21%. In addition, in recent years the effect of non healthy diet and air pollution, etc., oxygen shortage, free radical increases. In order to keep your body healthy, it is essential to supply lot of oxygen that will refresh the blood and activate the tissues. Oxygen is deeply involved in the energy activities of our bodies, and the effects of oxygen supplementation are also diverse.

Since the Eating Oxygen has contains 88 kinds of mineral and ions in a well-balanced manner, it has the effect of removing the free radical, it increases the ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients, leading to a healthy body.